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The scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance to students enrolled or planning to enroll at Penn State that have officially demonstrated financial need through Penn State’s Office of Student Aid. The chapter has made a commitment to Penn State to annually fund this scholarship for 2018 through 2022 with a maximum award each year of $2500. With continued support and donations we hope to continue to grow the value of the scholarship and make additional commitments to fund the scholarship with the university.

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Past Recipients:

Scholarship Application Form

If you have received a postcard from the chapter encouraging you to apply for a scholarship, here is the link to the online form:

Please only complete the form if you received an invitation as all others will be discarded.

Deadline to complete your submission is 3/1/2021

Scholarship Update

We received this email from our most recent Chapter Scholarship recipient, Matthew Gelhard and we'd like to share it with you:

Dear Central Maryland Chapter Members,

I cannot be more thankful to be chosen for this scholarship. The money received will go towards paying my tuition on my way to becoming a Nittany Lion for life. I hope the Penn State community has been safe during the pandemic, and have kept their spirits high as COVID-19 has changed the daily lives of many. Sadly, thirteen games into my freshman year of baseball, the season was cancelled and we were sent home for the duration of the semester. We all had the challenge to continue our studies. I worked hard and was able to keep my straight A's. This summer I was able to continue baseball with ITD, an organization where I could continue playing and be a coach at the same time. In the future I plan to coach more baseball. Throughout my childhood, coaches have encouraged me with their guidance which furthered my love for baseball and it is only just to pass that same message on to future generations. I continue to work for my father's home restoration company, "J Gelhard & Sons Restorations" and the 10 acre farm my grandparents own. The passion I have for my family and for working hard I continue to carry with me. I will resume the following semester at Penn State Mont Alto and plan to finish the final two at University Park. I will apply for College of Communications, where I can explore marketing, management, journalism, and graphic design to decide what branch of Communications I will follow. My goal is to work in a field where I can improve and advance how people with interact with each other. I have attached a picture for the announcement and cannot be more proud to wear Penn State gear on your page. I know many events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, but getting an opportunity to give thanks at an event in the future would be an honor. With my older brother and I graduating in the next few years, we cannot wait to be a part of PSUAA.

With much gratitude,

Matthew Gelhard

Hopefully you found this to be as moving as we did and if you did, we'd ask that you join us in helping other future Penn Staters by donating to our scholarship fund. It's very easy - just click on the scholarship link at the top of the page and follow the instructions. Thanks in advance for your generosity - We Are!